volunteerAkbash Dogs International is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization. ADI is successful because of the hard work of volunteers. Success is indicated by continuous years since 1987 of annual general meetings, Akbash Sentinel publications, establishment of this web site, an active rescue program and a high degree of participation by ADI members. We have the best registry of Akbash Dogs in the world. None of this happens without volunteers.

Like most organizations, ADI benefits from the expertise of graphic designers, lawyers, accountants, writers, photographers, editors, IT specialists, people with particular skills and experience with dogs, Akbash Dog breeders, and leaders. An open mind, curiosity and interest in Akbash Dogs mark the starting point. Members of ADI’s board of directors put in hundreds of hours of work every year on behalf of ADI, as do the editor, the publisher and printer of the Akbash Sentinel, the registrar and the rescue coordinator. If you have a skill or interest that could assist ADI and time to devote to our cause, please contact ADI president Diane Spisak at president@akbashdogsinternational.com.

volunteerIf you would like to contribute but have limited time or feel you don’t have enough experience, please send Diane Spisak a message anyway, to talk about options.

A final way to contribute to ADI if your life is already too hectic is through a financial donation to ADI. Funds will be used to assist abandoned dogs, educate the public about this wonderful breed of dog, and to enhance their effectiveness as an environmentally friendly way to separate carnivores from livestock. Akbash Dogs have a rich heritage as a breed of livestock protection dog. However, that heritage is challenged by increasing numbers of anti-dog laws and regulations in North America and Europe, increasing urbanization, decreased agriculture, and movements to use the dogs for conformation show and non-livestock guarding practices. The ways to assist ADI are limitless, so if you have the interest, we should be talking.

If you send a donation to ADI via this link, please send an e-message here, telling us who you are, how much money you sent, and what you would like the money to be used for. Without this step, we don't know why money was deposited in the account.