Our news journal The Akbash Sentinel

sentinelThe Akbash Sentinel is more than just ADI’s quarterly news journal, it’s the jewel in our crown. Even in this increasingly electronic world, ADI continues to be held together by a print journal, though it is now available in e-subscription format.

The Akbash Sentinel is a permanent record of our activities, our evolution, our elections, our financial reports, our membership rosters through the years, and the best of the photos of Akbash Dogs. In each edition, you can expect to read an Editor’s Corner, President’s Report, Dear Mahir and From the Archives. Editor’s Corner links the contents of each Sentinel, providing an oversight of what lies ahead. Editor Hazel Plumbley offers a seasoned perspective on the contents, to enhance your appreciation of what you are about to read. The President’s Report covers the administrative side of ADI. Dear Mahir is about Akbash Dog behavior; by itself, this is worth the entire cost of ADI membership. The latest in canine behavior and health is what most of us need more of. ADI’s veterans of breeding, training and working with Akbash Dogs co-write the Dear Mahir column. From the Archives is a look into the history of ADI. At present, Archives compares what we are doing today within ADI to what we were doing ten years ago. Starting in 2012, when ADI turns 25 years of age, Archives will split its space into examinations of ADI 10 and 25 years ago. Annually there will be announcements about the annual Gathering of the Akbash Clan, the Iron Collar Photo Contest, membership, financial and registrar’s reports, and other research, training, health, rescue and news articles that arise. We use a regular column called Here’s What’s New to introduce new members, new Akbash Dogs, and to share news from ADI members.

For people who would like to reduce their use of paper products, ADI now offers the Sentinel in electronic format. The e-zine version costs less to produce and mail, so we charge less for membership with this environmentally friendly option. Still, many people enjoy the beauty of crisp photos in print, so the Sentinel remains a print journal.

There is no better way to plug into the world of Akbash Dogs than by subscribing to the Akbash Sentinel. A subscription comes with membership in ADI. If you are interested, please move over to the membership part of this web site. For a demonstration pdf version of the Sentinel, click here.