Code of Ethics


In Akbash Dog breeding, the emphasis shall be placed upon working ability and other outstanding qualities of character of this breed, as well as upon appearance. It is mandatory that a Code of Ethics be subscribed to by those who are concerned with the propagation of physically, mentally and temperamentally sound Akbash Dogs of proper breed type. Measures should be taken to acquaint the general public with the contents of this Code so that they may not become innocent partners in improper breeding practices.

Consistent with the above, I agree to breed discriminately and only upon strong evidence of the possibility of finding suitable homes for the resulting puppies. I understand and agree that to breed inadvisedly may lead to overpopulation and contribute to the deterioration of the Akbash Dog breed.


If I breed my bitch or use my stud dog in service, I agree to keep accurate records of stock, matings and pedigrees and to register my breeding stock with Akbash Dogs International.


I agree to use for breeding only those Akbash Dogs which have no disqualifying faults and no radical departurefrom the official standard as accepted by ADI. In addition, I agree to breed only OFA certified dogs or dogs with PennHIP DI scores of less than 0.51. Certification by OFA is defined as a rating of excellent, good or fair. Alternatively, dogs between 18 and 24 months of age may be used for breeding if they have obtained an excellent or good pre-OFA screening.

As owner of a bitch, I will breed only normal, healthy mature bitches to stud dogs which are registered as purebred Akbash Dogs with ADI or the UKC. I will not permit my bitch to produce litters in 3 consecutive seasons. Puppies that are deformed or that deviate substantially from the Akbash Dog standard will be euthanized or registered as non-breeding quality only.

As owner of a stud dog, I will breed only normal, healthy, mature dogs. I will refuse stud service to any bitch which has disqualifying faults, or which I consider to be in poor health or which is not registered as a purebred Akbash Dog with ADI or the UKC. When a bitch has failed to conceive after being bred to one of my stud dogs, I will allow one repeat service, at such time and place as are mutually agreed to by the owner of the bitch and myself, provided the stud dog is still in good health and available.


I agree to maintain good standards of health and care for my dogs, including proper veterinary care.


I shall refuse to sell to or recommend breeders who do not conform to this Code or to dog wholesalers and retailers.

I shall use a sales contract or written agreement/guarantee with any sale or purchase involving a dog. To the best of my ability, I will state clearly to a buyer whether the puppy or dog being sold is potentially a working or companion dog.

I shall not release any puppies before they are seven weeks of age and only with the full knowledge that they are healthy and have had any required medical innoculations and care.

I shall give buyers of puppies or adult dogs accurate health, breeding and registration records and at least a 3 generation pedigree if possible. Registration papers may be withheld on a dog which is suspected of carrying a serious fault that would make it detrimental for breeding purposes until the dog has been proven otherwise or rendered incapable of reproducing. I shall urge my puppy purchasers to provide public obedience training at the proper age if the dog is not strictly a livestock guardian. I will recommend to my puppy buyers that they render incapable of reproducing any dog which has developed disqualifying or serious faults.

As a breeder I will make a serious effort to see that every dog will have an adequate home and will be properly cared for.


I agree that my advertising, oral and written, shall be factual and not worded so as to attract undesirable buyers, or to encourage the raising of purebred Akbash Dogs as an easy money making scheme.


I shall conduct myself at all times in a manner which will reflect credit upon me and the breed, regardless of the location or circumstances, but especially when attending dog shows, trials or tests, whether as an exhibitor or spectator.

I agree that I will not co-own a dog and participate in the breeding of said dog with a person who does not subscribe to and support this Code.

If I should become aware of the maltreatment, misuse or need for relocation of any Akbash Dog I will notify any or all of the following for resolution of the problem: a member of the Board of Directors, the correct authorities in my area, the breeder.